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Important Message

Sikh Council of Central California has joined hands with Sikh Coalition in their efforts to defend Sikhs Right to wear Kirpan. Please check the following link for more details about the meeting.

On Friday, April 4th, 2009 members of the Sikh Council of Central California met with local Legislators, Sheriff’s Department and officials incharge of the security of the Judicial System to discuss issues regarding Sikh Kirpan. As for now, the attendees of the meeting have agreed to provide a locker for the Kirpan and further discussions on the same issue will be continued in the next meeting, the date of which is yet to be determined. Once decided, the date and time will be posted on Sikh Council of Central California website.

Same day another group of SCCC member met with State Board of Education to include topics related to Sikh History and Religion in textbooks from K-12. Please check the following link for further details.

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