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The Central Unified School District Board, Fresno.

The community members residing within the boundaries of the Central Unified School District.

This petition has been signed by the community members residing within the Central Unified School District boundaries. The petition emphasizes the importance of having a beginners Punjabi class started in this school. The purpose is to teach all interested students at the beginning level to read, write and speak Punjabi.

Importance of Punjabi language:
Based on numbers, Punjabi is the 13th largest language spoken worldwide according to a UNESCO report. It is a language spoken by people who either live in Punjab or elsewhere in the world and can trace their roots to Punjab which once stretched from Delhi to all the way to Afghanistan.

The President’s National Security Language Initiative (NSLI) of January 2006 aims at increasing the number of Americans learning ‘critical’ languages on a fast track from Kindergarten through University and into the workforce. Currently, it is being taught in Yuba City, Live Oaks as well as at the Kerman High school in the central valley.

Through this petition we as community members urge you to start this class without undue delay. More languages learnt bring more understanding towards other cultures, vital in a multicultural society such as ours and will make younger Americans compete better globally.

Thanking you in anticipation.
©Jas Singh